Bringing impact and sustainability risk factors into mainstream financial and corporate reporting to unlock trillions of dollars for global sustainable solutions

Our Mission and Vision

Let us show you how to make better choices for deploying capital for a more stable and prosperous future.

For Investors

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Developed UX prototype of platform

April 2019

Created partnership with MIT artificial intelligence initiative Ainstein

July 2019

Creating a partnership with a Salesforce partner company for a data science project

September 2019

Named to UNSDG working group for UN Council Trade & Development - UNCTD

October 2019

Platform Update

AI4Impact’s technology provides an interpretive engine for understanding the material costs of failing to account for impact and sustainable factors when assessing an investment ROI or reporting on company operating performance. We show where data ‘gaps’ exist, data inconsistencies and the cost to our target markets in terms of financial and operating performance.

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How do I know that your platform can validate impact and sustainable data and metrics?

AI4 combines publicly available data sources with our own measures and feeds them through our Common Language Framework to ensure that only validated measures that provide accurate 'signals' for positive or negative impact are shared with our subscribers. We take great care to make sure that if there are data inconsistencies, we report those so that you can make a more informed decision about your investment strategy.

I currently work with a financial advisor. Will your platform integrate with his system?

Our platform interfaces with most if not all advisor or wealth management and institutional platforms provided we have access to areas not deemed private. Our flexible architecture and ability to write application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easy for institutions and private wealth firms to utilize our technology providing you the most comprehensive analysis and scenario planning for your investment preferences.

How will I know if my financial and personal data is protected from third parties?

Your data and financial information is NEVER shared with anyone that is connected with AI4Impact. We are very sensitive to data confidentiality; as such, only you and your advisor if you work with one, will see the results of your interactions with our platform.

If you are inclined to work with one of our technology partners or want to access a solutions provider on our Impact Marketplace, you should consult with your advisor first and deal directly with the provider to ensure your needs are met according to your criteria.

What does it cost to access your platform?

We have different subscriber fee levels for asset owners, asset managers, advisors and corporate sustainability officers. Our fees are based on monthly or annual subscriptions along with certain one time opportunities for customized solutions.

Founding Team

Stefan Pagacik
Co-Founder & CEO

Mahdi Tehrani
Co-Founder & CTO

Darby Hobbs
Co-Founder & Managing Director